The unit comes with 4 ignition coil drivers. The outputs are short circuit protected. The Blue-Fire triggers on POSITIVE inputs, and sparks when the input high signal is returned to ground.

The unit has a LED indication on each channel to show activation and a common fault indication.


The LED's operate as follows :

  • Very faint pulsing : Normal Operation
  • Regular Pulsing : Input Wrong Polarity
  • Permanent On : One Output Has Over-Current

Each channel LED (Blue) :

  • ON : For duration of dwell current


Normal Operation - On receiving a positive input signal the corresponding output is switched on, and the Blue LED is on. Should an over-current develop before the input signal is switched on, the unit will TERMINATE the output, which will cause a spark. This action is indicated on the red LED which stays on for more than one ignition cycle.

If the same channel is operated again into an over-current (or short) then the above procedure repeats.

If the input is high for more than 50 milliseconds then the output is terminated, which causes a spark. This action flashes the red LED.

The Blue-Fire 4 Channel Includes :

  • 1 x Ignition Amplifier with 4 outputs
  • 1 x Package Box - Large

Blue-Fire 4 Channel Specifications :

  • Operating Voltage : 10-15 Volts
  • Voltage Transients : 36 Volts, 1ms
  • Operating Current : <40mA
  • Operating Temperature : -20 to +75 Degrees Celsius
  • Supply : Polarity Protected
  • Input Impedance : 10K Ohm
  • Operating Current Per Channel : > 12 Amp *
  • Over-Current Per Channel : < 24 Amp *
  • Input/Output Switching Relay : < 20 us/Amp
  • Current Rise Time : -2 us/Amp
  • Current Dall Time : < 0.2 us/Amp
  • Output Polarity : Not Protected
  • Note : The currents are tested at room temperature

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Blue-Fire 4 Channel Ignition Amplifier

  • $176.04

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