About Us

Digital Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. (DDS) is the proud designer and manufacturer of the Perfect Power Automotive products. A wide range of Piggy-back systems, Stand Alone systems, Peripheral and Accessory itmes, form part of the Automotive Fuel Injection product range.

DDS was established in 1972. The original aim of establishing the company was to solve industrial and scientific problems using digital techniques. DDS has adopted a "horizontal" management style with a strong family ambiance - both literally and figuratively! This ensures that we give our customers the personal touch.

In designing, manufacturing and supplying products, DDS's company strategy is to provide the valued customer with what he/she wants, when he/she wants it for the best possible price. To achieve these, dds ensures a staff compliment that is competent and experienced.

On the Automotive side, DDS proudly owns its own 4x4 Dyno Facility which is used for testing, research and development and local installations of the Perfect Power Automotive Performance product range. As with the Scientific Department, the Automotive Department also has a network of worldwide dealers.

DDS's products are exported worldwide and DDS enjoys long-term professional dealings with its Dealers who strive to provide the best products and services in a professional manner. DDS is represented in South Africa and other African countries, Europe, The Far East, Middle East, South and North America, Australia, and more.

In keeping abreast with the ever-changing technological age, DDS has now launched its very own online shopping website at shop.perfectpower.com.

DDS owns its own premises, which is made up of a factory (1000Sqm) and offices (500Sqm). The factory includes a storeroom, production section and test room. The main office is situated in the hub of an industrial area within Randburg, is close to major highways and is a mere 35 km from Johannesburg CBD.

The following products are currently manufactured by DDS :

  • Perfect Power Fuel Injection Computer Systems (both Stand Alone and Piggy-Back)
  • OEM Specialized Automotive Products (made to customer's requirements)
  • Combustion Bomb Calorimeters, including the CAL2K, ECO, E2K and CAL3K.
  • Perfect Power Online - our very own online shop
For more information on our products you are welcome to visit our affiliated websites : www.perfectpower.com (Automotive Product Range). Or you are welcome to email us at info@perfectpower.com.

We look forward to being of assistance to you!